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Ohio sellers: Increase your home’s value before your appraisal

The process of selling your home proves to hold multiple unknowns. How long will your home be on the market? Would it be wise to sell your home on contingency? Who should you hire as your realtor?

Yet one of the most nerve-wracking, subjective questions many Ohio home sellers ask proves to be, “How much is my home worth?” An appraiser determines whether your home’s value aligns with your asking price and the money you purchased it for. Being prepared for an appraiser’s walk-through of your home may drastically alter the end value of your home.

An appraiser’s opinion or up to the sellers?

Many sellers find the appraisal process daunting. A hired stranger walks through your home, determines its value and suddenly, your asking price could seem ridiculous to potential buyers. Having a good appraisal experience begins with your preparation.

Your appraisal may be determined eventually by an experienced appraiser, but you have the opportunity to increase the chances of a higher appraisal by utilizing the following tips.

  1. Clean all spaces: Appraisers walk through all spaces of your home. Some may open drawers and closets, and if your small spaces show dirt and grime, this may dissuade an appraiser from valuing your home at a higher price. Be sure to clean areas like toilets, showers, refrigerators and stoves, as these items add significant value to your home.
  1. Leave the appraiser alone: Red flags arise when you follow an appraiser around your home. Although you may have nothing to hide, hawking his or her every move as they wander about your home may look as though you’re posing as a distraction to cover up bad elements. If the appraiser has questions, he or she will ask.
  1. Emphasize your reconstructions: When valuing your home, appraisers may take into consideration the price you purchased your home for, the market value and the additions and restorations you made. Be sure to explain the elements of your home that you changed and updated.
  1. Explain positive surrounding area elements: If your home’s location falls into a great Ohio school district or has direct highway access, let the appraiser know. Though he or she should be generally familiar with the area, highlighting the surrounding amenities may prove beneficial.
  1. Tidy the outside: Many homeowners focus on interior changes, but their home’s driveway, garage, front yard and backyard need serious updating. Curb appeal is an important element of an appraisal—it’s an appraiser and potential buyer’s first impression.

While you may not be able to make serious changes to your home before an appraisal, identifying elements that, with a quick scrub or tidying, would increase the overall appearance and value of your home may improve your appraisal number. More importantly, a positive appraisal experience may lead to the quick sale of your home and send you forward to your next home adventure.

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