What Is Title Insurance?

In the simplest term, a title states that an owner is in lawful possession of property. Title insurance protects owners and lenders from losses incurred from liens or defects to the property. Title insurance has specific requirements, and the laws surrounding title insurance are varied. We are experienced working with title insurance, and can determine if there are liens against the title or other issues preventing a title from being cleared. Title insurance protects against issues surrounding, among other issues:

  • Others claiming ownership of a property
  • Improper documentation
  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • Liens

The laws surrounding title insurance are specific, and not many lawyers make this area of law their focus. We have vast experience working with title insurance in Ohio, and work with clients in Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Title Underwriters Rely On Us For Legal Representation

Title insurance cases are complex. They require specific knowledge of title laws, and our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the laws in Ohio. If you need an attorney to defend your title insurance, your insurance company will select that attorney. We work with some of the largest title insurance companies in Ohio, and have defended countless cases in this area. Should your case come to us, we will defend your rights, and bring our experience and thorough knowledge of title insurance to your case.

Questions About Laws Surrounding Title Insurance?

We have vast experience in title insurance defense. We work with insurance companies on your behalf. Contact us at 800-637-6308 or email us.