Considering how important contracts are to running your business, they can be a nuisance. At Freeburg Law Firm, LPA, we know that sorting through complex legal documents is not the best use of your time. Our experienced attorneys are thoroughly knowledgeable about the laws and requirements that affect your business.

Having contracts that represent your interests can help you avoid litigation. They also ensure that you are entering an agreement that is fair to you. We have attorneys who understand a wide variety of contracts and can help draft or review contracts to make sure they are protecting your best interests. Come to our Mayfield Village office or reach out to us to find out how we can help businesses in the Cleveland area and around northern Ohio.

Drafting Purchase Agreements That Represent Your Interests

Purchase agreements are among the most common contracts we see from business owners. Whether you are exchanging goods or services integral to running your business, purchasing real estate, or buying or selling a business, the purchase agreement outlines the details of the sale.

Our attorneys have worked on countless purchase agreements, and we can help make sure you are entering a deal that represents your best interests. Even in the simplest transaction, it is important to understand exactly what your agreement entails, and exactly what the cost will be to you, as well as what you will be receiving. Having a lawyer on your side will assure you are getting a deal that is good for your business.

Questions About Contracts?

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